What is One Mount Group? In which field do you operate?

As a strategic partner of Techcombank, One Mount Group is a somewhat obscure business that is currently attracting a lot of attention from the employment market. One Mount Group will be the primary subject of discussion in this article due to the numerous rumors that are spreading and the vast number of roles that are being recruited on Aniday.

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The Formation of One Mount Group

The One Mount Corporation (One Mount Group) member companies are focused on creating and offering technological solutions that are centered around the Corporation’s basic values, and are built on the Comprehensive Digital Ecosystem model. One Mount Group’s goal is to be a trailblazer in Vietnam’s development of the country’s first complete ecosystem. It will serve as a hub for the integration of financial services and technological platforms, enabling businesses and individuals to interact and provide the Vietnamese people with a smooth online experience.

The One Mount Group Joint Stock Company was founded at the close of 2019. The company’s “giant” founding shareholder, Vingroup Corporation, brought it initial notice from the public.

One Mount Group is known to draw inspiration from the adage, “Three trees standing together make a tall mountain.” The word conjures up images of a partnership that may produce something enormous, like to a mountain, between Vingroup (a technological and industrial conglomerate), Masan (consumer products), and Techcombank (banking).

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Solutions – Technology – Capabilities of One Mount Group

The trend of digitizing services to improve quality of life is widespread. However, there are still a lot of restrictions on digital services in Vietnam, which disrupts both individual and business experiences. One Mount Group has provided the Vietnamese people with a range of cutting-edge technology solutions in response to this difficulty. This includes the Vinshop application, which links manufacturers and grocery stores in the supply chain, the VinID app, which makes daily shopping easier, and OneHousing, an anticipated comprehensive real estate transaction platform. In order to make the customer journey quicker, easier, and more pleasant, these initiatives seek to give customers a cohesive experience across all of their digital transactions, from consumption to complete financial solutions.

One Mount Group’s gradually improving digital ecosystem aims to optimize business processes for enterprises to achieve a greater vision of contributing to the outstanding development of the Vietnamese economy, while also affirming the strategy to address obstacles in the people’s digital life experiences. One Mount Group will support and give businesses the chance to grow their customer bases, boost revenue, and gain easy access to financial products thanks to its key competencies in technology and financial solutions.

Orientation and Strategy of One Mount Group

In the most organic sense, One Mount Group acts as a link between three companies, advancing their development-oriented alignment.

Investors and traders were skeptical about Vingroup, which was formerly well-known for its wide range of commercial ventures, including real estate, retail, e-commerce, e-wallets, car manufacture, cellphones, TVs, and aircraft.

The biggest turning point, however, was when Vingroup made the decision to concentrate on growing industry sectors and technology. As a result, Vingroup’s VIC ecosystem continued to get better.

One Mount Group’s financial data did not demonstrate any major breakthroughs in the early phases, which was in contrast to many investors’ initial expectations. More specifically, the business lost money during its first three months of operation. Additionally, following the subtraction of other costs and operating expenses, the company declared a post-tax loss exceeding 24 billion VND.

Nevertheless, One Mount Group continues to show encouraging signals in the long run. The majority of the group’s assets, or 3.182 trillion VND, came from shareholder money as of the end of 2019.

The company’s owners continued to pour cash into it throughout that same time frame. For this reason, One Mount Group’s charter capital increased by 1 trillion VND from its initial charter capital to 4.047 trillion VND at the end of June 2020.

Join Aniday and Receive Rewards with One Mount Group

VinGroup generally and One Mount Group specifically have a lot of open vacancies right now on Aniday. Depending on the specific requirements of each post, these positions give reasonably substantial compensation, ranging from 20 to 24 million VND.

Don’t wait to recommend applicants to One Mount Group on Aniday, as there are a lot of roles and options available. By doing so, you can get benefits from both One Mount Group and Aniday.


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